Lens Antennas

Unique design resulting in lower cost, improved gains, and better link performance and optimization
Original Technology
Original millimeter-wave antenna technology developed by
Radio Gigabit
High aperture efficiency
Up to 20-30 % smaller aperture size than the equivalent Cassegrain antenna, 1-1.5 dB from the diffraction limit
Cost advantages
Significant cost advantages over alternative antenna technologies, made of low cost low weight certified environmentally friendly material with excellent millimeter wave performance
Field proven technology
Products with Radio Gigabit lens antennas have been certified (FCC/ETSI) and deployed in commercial networks worldwide. All characteristics are confirmed in mass production and during multiple years of field operation
Lens antenna can be adapted to any specific requirements for gain, HPBW, and frequency band. The lens and primary antenna element can be modified for easy integration with different ODUs. The antenna can be used with waveguide or planar feeding elements. Custom lens colors are available
Millimeter-wave radios for access, transport and backhaul
Millimeter-wave sensors and imaging systems
Automotive radars


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