Engineering Design Services

NRE-based engineering design services for all types of wireless communication needs
World class engineering team of 110+ experts with multiple years of experience in advanced wireless communication systems and networks.

Successful track record of designing cutting edge solutions in frequencies spanning from very low (DC) to very high (up to 100 GHz).

Recognized expertise in wireless systems design: 4G/5G NR PHY, microwave, sub-6, mmWave radios, PTP and PTMP fixed wireless access and backhaul, general purpose and unique industrial applications.
System Design
Systems concepts and architecture
PHY and MAC protocols development
Radio wave propagation analysis and radioplanning
Link- and system-level simulation
Background in IEEE and 3GPP standardization
Wireless Modem Design
Modem architecture
Baseband algorithms design and implementation
FPGA design and implementation
HW/SW partitioning and co-implementation
Xilinx Alliance Partner (XAP) since 2016
Antenna Design
MIMO antennas (with polarization and/or spatial diversity)
Phased antenna arrays
Lens antennas
Beam switching antennas
Planar antennas
Wideband and multiband antennas
Reconfigurable antennas
Low cost PCB implementation
Very high frequency antennas (up to 95 GHz)
RF & Microwave Design
RF transceiver modules design
DC to millimeter-wave frequencies
40+ dBm output power
Lumped element (active, passive), planar (microstrip, SIW) and waveguide filters
AD9361, BGT60, BGT70, BGT80
Network Technologies
FPGA L2 switches (up to 100+ ports)
SW stack for L2 SW functions (Marvell and custom FPGA switches)
HW and SW design for custom networking features
IEEE 1588v2 and SyncE
Product Design
Digital Hardware design
Software design
Mechanical and industrial design
Turn-key product engineering


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